Motion Picture

Alta’s full spectrum LED’s have been a revolutionary source for the motion picture/theatrical/television industry replacing HMI and Tungsten Halogen. The levels of performance has enabled all types of projection styles of lightening to happen with the highest levels of color correction and intensity without compromising the emphasis of being the most energy efficient light source available to the world wide market.


Develop your business with light. An inviting climate snatches and guides your clients, and element showcase lighting gives create a crisp and tempting look. Vitality sparing lights help you lessen running expenses.

Searching for an approach to make wonderful sustenance all the more enticing? Lavish lighting draws out the rich hues and surface of your produce, supplementing tempting scents. Save delicate cheeses with our warmth free LED installations.

Regarding coolers, you must be cool to be thoughtful. Help nature and drive down vitality costs, with LED lights that don’t warmth up your coolers. Splendid, clean light upgrades the shading and nature of your items, making them more attractive.


Submarine lighting to give the crew the day back. Again, our chips duplicate the sun. Submarine or vessel? No problem.

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